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2014 Albany FilmFest: Pixar Talk, Quirky Shorts & Free Popcorn | East Bay

Dang! This event has already taken place.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014 - All Day | Cost: $5*
*Popcorn included.

Albany Community Center | 1249 Marin Ave, Albany, CA

2014 Albany FilmFest: Pixar Talk, Quirky Shorts & Free Popcorn | East BayCozy, quirky and creative, Albany FilmFest, is back for a third year welcoming experienced and amateur filmmakers of all ages and across the country on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

Albany FilmFest is a national juried festival of short films (and really short films) — an annual showcase for emerging independent filmmakers of all ages in Albany, a small, quirky, and independent “1 square mile” city located directly across the Bay from San Francisco and right next to Berkeley.

2014 Albany FilmFest
Saturday, March 1, 2014 | Noon to 7:30 pm
Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue, Albany
$5 adults; $1 kids 12 and younger – Come and go all day

2014 Schedule
This is a live show and all times are approximate.

**12 Noon: Kid-Safe, Adult Friendly Animations, Legos, invisible spies and superhero dates. Youth 6-12 finalists from this year, plus winners and audience favorites from FilmFests 2011-2013.

Make It a Great Day • Joshua Jones • Animation (6 min 40 sec) When a batch of newborn chicks hatches, one heads out for a very different fate. Best Short Animation 2013

Parkour Race • Pierre Schantz • Y6-12 • (13 min 21 sec) • Racing is not always about winning, even for Legos.

The Excuse Book • Jackson Julien & Dashiell Cronin • Y6-12 (1 min 00 sec) • Are you sick and tired of making excuses the hard way?

Superdate • Sasha Fox • Y13-17 (3 min 00 sec) • A first date is threatened by allegiance to competing superheroes.

Secret Decoder Ring • Eli Brown • Tiny Movie (4 min 01 sec) • An offer on the back of a cereal box gives Justin a real surprise.

My License • Elizabeth Herrick • Animation, Youth 6-12 (1 min) A young girl receives her new license. AFF 2011 Favorite

The Locket • Rachel Sonnenberg • Youth 13-17 (4 min) Little girl finds a locket in Grandma’s yard. Best Film Youth 13-17 AFF 2011

Fluffy • Jackson Julien & Dashiell Cronin • Tiny Movie (2 min 58 sec) • A boy’s pet gets loose on Solano Avenue. Best Tiny Movie 2013

Black Rock Creek • Malone Lumarda • Y13-17 (5 min 16 sec) • A young girl takes a walk along a beautiful creek.

Desperate Crossing • MinSeok Jeon • Animation (5 min 00 sec) • A criminal has an urgent problem. Best Animated Short AFF 2012

Lego Invisible Spy • Nico Chavez • Y6-12 (1 min 35 sec) • Uh-oh – look fast. AFF 2011 Favorite

**12:50 pm: Youth Award Presentations

**1 pm: Special Presentation:

Pixar creative team talks editing, sound design, and special effects. Q&A follows.

The Blue Umbrella • Saschka Unseld • Animation • Pixar, 2013 (7 min 00 sec) A blue umbrella and a red umbrella fall in love during a rainstorm.

The Blue Umbrella premiered in 2013 at the Berlin International Film Festival, and was shown in wide release with Monsters University. Unseld, who calls the short “a love declaration to the rain,” conceptualized the story after finding an abandoned umbrella one day in San Francisco. Join Pixar Film Editor (and Albany resident) Jason Hudak (Film Editor, WALL • E, Cars 2), Sound Designer and Editor Barney Jones (Monsters University, Brave, Toy Story 3), and Effects Supervisor Michael O’Brien (and Albany parent) for a one-of-a- kind look behind the scenes.

5 minute break

 **2:15 pm – 7pm: Albany FilmFest Official Selections An eclectic roller-roaster ride through this year’s short films: Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Animation, Mockumentary, Sci-fi, and Rock and roll. Some of these films may not be suitable for younger children – mature themes.

 **2:15 pm: Selected Films

Each One Reach One • John Neira • Documentary (12 min 08 sec) • Inside a two-week playwright program for at-risk youth in San Francisco.

Espresso Manifesto • Shaun Pitz • Animation (6 min 53 sec) • When life hands you beans, make coffee.

Jacob’s Letter • Rachel Linehan • Y13-17 (3 min 01 sec) • A girl’s silent struggle with the fear of vulnerability.

Hole • Brian McCann • Narrative (23 min 41 sec) • Where is the line between possible and impossible?

Oakland Story • Debora Silva • Documentary (8 min 11 sec) • A young Oakland woman’s firsthand experience with gun violence dramatically changed her life.

Float • Rebecca Shoptaw • Y13-17 (10 min 00 sec) • The thoughts of three young people who walk into an elevator.

Park Arcadia • Darren Rae • Narrative (22 min 44 sec ) • Evelyn uses her father’s last invention to find a dimension where he is still alive.

Cooking with Venus • Glen & Shaun Vivaris • Tiny Movie (3 min 00 sec) • Interplanetary television chef shares her secrets to conquering a deadly recipe.

 5 minute break

 **3:50 pm: Selected Films

Tyler James Hoare Mudflat Artist • Bob Colin • Documentary • (6 min 51 sec) The Albany artist installs new Snoopy and the Red Baron sculptures on Emeryville pier.

Humanexus • Ying-Fang Shen • Animation (12 min 43 sec) • A reflection on humankind’s long search for ways to connect with each other.

Dinner with Ana • Jianna Maarten • Narrative (18 min 00 sec) • Secrets and desires emerge during a dinner party.

Smarters • Eddie Silva • Animation (6 min 37 sec) • Five mobile devices have a conversation.

Mud Lotus • Chris White • Narrative (24 min 13 sec) A Tibetan monk arrives in rural Indiana looking for the reincarnation of his late teacher.

Steve’s Problem • Mike Lars White • Narrative (15 min 00 sec) • A fellow restroom patron offers Steve a little help with his pee shyness, causing much worse problems later on.

The No-Name Painting Association • Documentary (23 min 27 sec) Joe Griffin • Thirteen young artists defy Mao’s regime and make personal art during China’s Cultural Revolution.

 5 minute break

 ** 5:46 pm: Selected Films

Valentin Popov FACE • Celik Kayalar • Documentary (16 min 34 sec) • A portrait of Oakland portrait artist Valentin Popov.

20/20 • Vince Werner • Narrative (5 min 41 sec) • What are we sacrificing in exchange for the convenience of technology?

Un Mundo Raro • Anne Wallace • Documentary (6 min 45 sec) • Poetic look at both sides of the US-Mexico border.

Snapshot • David Bertran • Tiny Movie (3 min 00 sec) • What would you do if your camera took pictures of the near future?

Prisoner’s Cinema • Melinda Li • Y13-17 (9 min 51 sec) • A self-destructive girl hides in a dark room with only a typewriter, reflecting on past events.

The Making of Dragon Petal • Nate Duncan • Narrative (12 min 21 sec) • Mockumentary follows the cast and crew of a Kung Fu movie as they complete the film.

Trainwreck to Narnia • Dylan Bergeson • Documentary (23 min 27 sec) • Life on the road with Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, the hardest working comedy band you’ve never heard of.

**7:00 pm: Award Presentations and raffle winners

Photo credit: Albany Patch

Links: Event details

Cost: $5*

*Popcorn included.


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