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2014 Anarchist Book Fair | Oakland

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Saturday, March 22, 2014 - All Day | Cost: FREE
The Crucible | 1260 7th Street, Oakland, CA

2014 Anarchist Book Fair | Oakland

2014 Anarchist Book Fair | OaklandAnarchists, socialists, card-carrying members of the ACLU, radicals and assorted ne’erdowells will descend on the The Crucible industrial arts school in West Oakland for the 19th Annual Anarchist Book Fair.

Each year, the book fair brings together radical booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and political groups from around the world, and features books, pamphlets, zines, art, crafts, and information. The fair includes dozens of speakers, panels, and workshops.

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Saturday | 2014 Anarchist Book Fair | Oakland

In 2014, there will be three program presentation areas. This schedule is subject to change, and there will be printed/posted copies of the final schedule and layout of the building available at the event.

Also, don’t forget to check out other 8 Days of Anarchy events happening in the Bay Area from March 18-25, 2014.

Workshop descriptions are here. Presenter bios are hereDownload a PDF of the grid version of this schedule here: 2014 Book Fair Schedule Grid

2014 Anarchist Book Fair | Oakland2014 Schedule

Room A

10:30 AM: The Commons, Enclosures, and Global Uprisings / Peter Linebaugh, Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis

11:30 AM: Occupy the Farms – a Practical guide to Seizing and Winning Land / David Grefrath, Brooke Marino and others

12:30 PMA calling-in of our callout culture / Bay Area Intercommunal Solidarity Committee

1:30 PM: Forum on Gentrification / Eviction Free SF, East Bay Solidarity Network, SF Community Land Trust, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, POOR Magazine/Homefulness Project, Causa Justa Just Cause, Phat Beets, & TBA

3:30 PM: Discussion of Anarchy and Autonomy Para La Raza

4:30 PM: Against the Global Land Grab / scott crow, Andrej Grubacic, Alexander Reid Ross, Helen Yost

Room B

10:30 AM: Doing the DAM Thing: the Earth First! Direct Action Manual
The editorial collective of the EF!DAM

11:30 AM: Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care
Corina Dross & TBA

12:30 PM: The Anarchist Utopian Imagination
Margaret Killjoy & TBA

1:30 PM: Wielding the Weapon of Solidarity. How and Why We Resist Grand Juries.
Bay Area Grand Jury Resistance Collective

2:30 PM: Sex Work and Liberatory Politics
Ask Your Whore: A Project by Vagina Dentata

3:30 PM: Being Your Own Anti-Repression Committee: Supporting and Sustaining
Yourself, Comrades, and Radical Struggles
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee

4:30 PM: Decolonization and Anarchism
Bryan Reiss and TBA

Room C
*This room is upstairs and is accessible only by a flight of stairs.

10:00 AM: Childrens Programming

11:30 AM: Until the Rulers Obey: Global Grassroots Resistance to the Extractivist State /Clifton Ross, Marcy Rein, Jose Artigas

12:30 PM: The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project / Erin McElroy and Jennifer Fieber

1:30 PM: SubMedia Film Shorts
Franklin Lopez

2:30 PM: Social Transformation through Cooperatives: reclaiming our rights to democracy in work and to commons ownership/access to space and property / Jai Jai Noire, Tim Huet, and John Curl

3:30 PM: Surveillance Self Defense

Mark Burdett & TBA

4:30 PM: City-wide Activist Art: mud stencils, light brigades, street signs, and other creative disruptions / Nicolas Lampert, Melanie Cervantes, David Solnit & Emory Douglas

In the main hall, time TBA: 

MesoAmerica Resiste! Graphic Presentation
The Beehive Design Collective

Links: Event details

Cost: FREE


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