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Friday, January 19

Win Tix: Banned Theater “The Children’s Hour” | North Bay
Friday, January 19 – 8:00 pm | Cost: WIN*
*$27 - GA / $15 - Under the age of 25
| Ross Valley Players: Barn Theatre
Banned Theater Contest Ended

Banned from stages in London and Boston when it first debuted in 1934, The Children’s Hour remains a significant milestone in American letters and a vital contribution to the contemporary American theatre repertoire. Showcasing the destructive power of lies, the play depicts the experiences of …

Saturday, January 20

Win Tix: Corduroy Pearl Jam Tribute | Slim’s
Saturday, January 20 – 9:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Slim's
Corduroy Pearl Jam Tribute | Slim'sContest Ended

Those of us blessed to have lived in the 90’s know the majesty that is Pearl Jam. The transformed rock n’ roll during grunge’s heady days. Even though we no longer live in that era, you can still experience the grit that was classic Pearl …

Sunday, January 21

Win Tix: 2018 “Good Food Awards” Marketplace | Fort Mason
Sunday, January 21 – 9:00 am | Cost: WIN | Fort Mason (Festival Pavilion)
2018 Contest Ended

The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsible. Come be part of the annual celebration weekend of America’s best food and drink crafters. Meet this year’s Award-winning makers at our showcase for the food-loving public.
> Get Tickets …

Win Tix: SF’s Cheesemonger Invitational 2018 | Public Works
Sunday, January 21 – 5:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Public Works
SF's Cheesemonger Invitational 2018 | Public WorksContest Ended

Our mission is to inspire cheesemongers. Selling cheese is a profession that spans centuries. Great cheese does not exist without great cheesemongers. They are caretakers, truth tellers and therapists for the cheese. They are knights, priests, and politicians for the cheese. They are the last …

Friday, January 26

Win Tix: Anti-Flag’s ‘Silence=Violence’ 2018 Tour | Slim’s
Friday, January 26 – 7:30 pm | Cost: WIN | Slim's
Anti-Flag's 'Silence=Violence' 2018 Tour | Slim'sEnter to Win

Yeah, we haven’t forgotten about you head bashers. You might be getting tired of all the indie/pop/House events that are featured on our site. We get you. That’s why we’re bringing you a chance to thrash like everyone’s watching.
> Get Tickets – $19.00
Anti-Flag will be bringing some …

Win Tix: Driving Miss Daisy: Movie Classics | Paramount Theater
Friday, January 26 – 8:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Paramount Theatre
Driving Miss Daisy: Movie Classics | Paramount TheaterEnter to Win

In the classic film Driving Miss Daisy, we meet Mrs. Daisy Werthan, played by the glorious Jessica Tandy, and her driver Hoke Colburn, played by the ever charming and be-freckled Morgan Freeman.
> Get Tickets – $3.00
The two navigate life, racism, antisemitism, ageism, and other -isms while …

Thursday, February 1

Win Tix: Really Funny Comedians Who Happen To Be Women | Cobb’s Comedy Club
Thursday, February 1 – 8:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Cobb's Comedy Club
Really Funny Comedians Who Happen To Be Women | Cobb's Comedy ClubContest Ended

Please note that the date of this event has been moved from 1/14 to 2/1.
If you know anyone who has ever said women aren’t funny, sneak up behind them with a cast iron skillet, a mallet, or some other cartoon weapon, and drag their unconscious …

Friday, February 2

Win Tix: Alex Aiono’s Feels Like Tour 2018 | Great American Music Hall
Friday, February 2 – 8:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Great American Music Hall
Alex Aiono's Feels Like Tour 2018 | Great American Music HallEnter to Win

In early 2016, L.A.-based artist Alex Aiono had already amassed a following of millions creating his own “flipped” versions of popular songs. Fans can’t get enough of his soulful vocals, effortless charisma, and flawless skills at making beats and playing guitar.
> Get Tickets – $21.00
The 20-year-old …

Saturday, February 3

Win Tix: Saved by the 90s Dance Party | Slim’s
Saturday, February 3 – 9:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Slim's
Saved by the 90s Dance Party | Slim'sEnter to Win

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning, and the bell gives out a warning, and you think you’ll never make it on time? At Slims, it’s alright, because you’re Saved by the 90s, a totally rad, gnarly celebration of 90s music and …

Saturday, February 10

Win Tix: Kaleidoscope of Musical & Visual Energy “MarchFourth” | Great American Music Hall
Saturday, February 10 – 9:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Great American Music Hall
Kaleidoscope of Musical & Visual Energy Enter to Win

MarchFourth is an internationally-acclaimed, genre-breaking “force” in the world of entertainment. Get ready for a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers and artisans who travel the world, year-round, taking audience members of all ages, from all walks of life, on a joy-inducing, foot-stomping, booty-shaking, …

Win Tix: Bay Area’s “Illeagles” Tribute to the Eagles | Slim’s
Saturday, February 10 – 9:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Slim's
Bay Area's Enter to Win

Do you love the classic rock sound of the Eagles? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But you can’t always see them live. Thank your lucky stars for Illeagles, the Bay Area’s finest tribute band. In the true spirit of the word tribute, this group …

Tuesday, February 27

Win Tix: Classic, Unadulterated & Hard Rockers “Pop Evil” | Great American Music Hall
Tuesday, February 27 – 8:00 pm | Cost: WIN | Great American Music Hall
Classic, Unadulterated & Hard Rockers Enter to Win

Headbangers rejoice. We are seeing a return to the classic, unadulterated genre that blows minds and shatters spines. Figuratively, of course. As the emo and indie bands fade into the distance, a new breed of hard rockers is taking stages by storm.
> Get Tickets – $21.00
Perhaps …