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$5 Beat-Making Workshop for DJs

Learn to mix your own beats at this super cheap Mission DJ workshop every Tuesday and Thursday.
By - posted 2/15/2012

$5 Beat Making Workshop for DJsLearn to mix your own beats at this super cheap Mission DJ workshop that aims to have you sampling, mixing and grooving in no time.

BeatShop Bay Area is a unique music program for aspiring Bay Area musicians who want to explore the technological side of music-making.

This Tuesday and Thursday night class takes place at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in the Mission and covers the use of audio recording software including sequencing, MIDI, synthesizer and drum programming, sampling, equalization, compression, delay, reverb, song structure, mixing, and much more.

No prior experience required and all are welcome to join the class at anytime, so don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the first class.

BeatShop Bay Area | 2012 Classes
Mission Cultural Center of Latino Arts
Audio Production Studio, 3rd floor
2868 Mission Street, SF

  • Held Tuesdays and Thursdays (5-7pm) beginning February 7, 2012 for 12 weeks
  •  Tickets: $5.00 per class (plus $1 paypal fee)
  • Limited to participants aged 12-20.


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