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Free Parking on New Year’s Day

Yup, even meters are free on NYD. Here’s what is (and isn’t) enforced on Sunday.
By - posted 1/1/2017


Celebrate the kick off of 2017 with a day of free parking throughout the city of San Francisco.

Although parking hazardously is always ticketable and towable – as is parking in a red or blue zone – much of the rest of the city is yours for the parking.

Here’s the Basics:

New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1, 2017
– Parking meters not enforced citywide – please note that SF Port property typically also has free meters on January 1st, but they have not yet updated their holiday calendar for 2017.
– M-F Street Sweeping not enforced
– Daytime 7-Day Street Sweeping not enforced (except Nighttime & along Market St.)
– Commuter Tow Away not enforced
– Green, Yellow & White zones vary – see below

Monday, January 2, 2017: Parking meters and “Seven Day” street sweeping will be enforced. Residential parking permits, “Monday through Friday” daytime street sweeping, and commuter towaway will not be enforced.

>> Park at your own risk of getting a ticket: We’ve done our best to review all the rules and lay them out for you, but you’re on your own of course. If you want more clarification, contact SF parking enforcement

New Year’s Day Parking Rules Overview:
Friday, January 1, 2017

FREE PARKING (i.e. Not Enforced) 

  • M-F Street Sweeping: Not enforced
    Please note that the few streets that have nighttime 7-day street sweeping – like Market Street – may still be enforced. Remember that the day after NYD begins at midnight and sweeping crews will be out and tickets will be issued.
  • M-F Residential Permit Parking: Not enforced
  • Commuter Towaway: Not enforced
  • *Parking Meters: On Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, parking meters are not enforced on city property on typically on Port of SF Property as well, although the Port hasn’t updated their details for 2017 yet. Read more at sfport.com

But please note:
– Hazards are always subject to tickets and towing
– Posted 1-2 hour parking time limit areas and Night-Time Seven-Day-a-Week Street Sweeping (such as Market Street) will be enforced.
– Meter customers are advised to check parking meters to verify enforcement time limits and amounts.


  • Red Zone: Enforced
  • Blue Zone: Enforced (Handicap)
  • Green Zone: Enforced (short term parking – usually 10 mins Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm) But… we called SFMTA and they told us the Green Zone was NOT enforced on New Year’s Day, but we have not been able to confirm this 100%
  • Yellow Curbs: Commercial loading & unloading parking zones are enforced, but there’s no tow-away. You can still get a ticket. But… we called SFMTA and they told us Yellow Zone parking was NOT enforced on New Year’s Day, but we have not been able to confirm this 100%
  • White Zone: Passenger loading zones are enforced (5 minute limit), but only while the business (and some apartment buildings) is open. If the business that paid for the zone (usually the one right in front of the white zone) is closed, it’s free parking. (Beware: some businesses are 24 hours even though they may look closed. Our parking enforcement source recommended  that you should find a security guard for the building and ask.)
  • Posted 1-2 hour parking limits: Enforced
  • 7 Day a Week Nighttime Street Sweeping: No sweeping takes place on New Year’s Eve, but everyday street sweeping such as along Market Street is still enforced on New Year’s Day.

Source: SFMTA Holiday Enforcement,  SFMTA Color Curb Program Details




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