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Come Out and Play in the Park: Sunday | SoMa

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Sunday, December 2, 2012 - All Day | Cost: FREE*
*Free, but you should RSVP to skip the lines.

Gene Friend Recreation Center | 270 6th St., San Francisco, CA

2015 “Come Out & Play” Festival | SF

Come Out and Play in the Park: Sunday | SoMa

The Come Out & Play Festival is back celebrating a fifth year of bringing play to the Bay with new and innovative real-world games happening all over San Francisco.

Come Out and Play in the Park: Sunday | SoMa2015 Come Out & Play Festival
September 13-19, 2015
All over San Francisco
FREE, but an RSVP is required for each event.

This year’s Come Out & Play SF festival will take place September 13-19, 2015 with a wide range of games and events.

2015 Schedule

Sunday, September 13: Undercover Capture the Flag
2-5 pm
Location: SoMa
Undercover Capture The Flag is a fun and accessible game of stealth, surveillance, and territory control. Sneak around in enemy territory to find and steal flags while protecting your own, but make sure you don’t let the opposing team (or any innocent shoppers) know that you’re playing.

Wednesday, September 16: Jericho — The Urban Spy Game
7 pm
Union Square, SF
Jericho is an Urban Game that is a battle of wits, because everyone is a spy. Think of it as a game of capture the flag played in public.
We meet every month to play rain or shine, day or night. All that is needed to play is a Nerf pistol, a bandana, a healthy imagination, and an uncanny ability to hide in plain sight. All games are usually played in downtown SF. No advance preparation needed. Just show up at the meeting spot with your gun & bandana. Cellphones are not required, but suggested.

Friday, September 18: An evening of conversation (and games)
7-10:30 pm
Treat Social Club, 400 Treat St, SF
Come out for an evening of conversation and games hosted by Heather Browning Behavioral Designer and Executive Director of COAP SF.

Talks include:

  • Rebecca Power of Quixote Games: “Put Yourself in Play”
  • Albert Alexander of Appetite Obscure: “High Stakes: playing without a safety net.”
  • Katherine Isbister founding director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU: “Costumes as Game Controllers: An Indie/Research Collaboration”
  • Catherine Herdlick founder of COAP SF: “Creating Play Spaces”

Saturday, September 19: Festival Day and Family Day
11 am to 5 pm
Gray Area Art + Technology, 2665 Mission St, San Francisco
(Please Note: This event does NOT take place at Civic Center as was originally posted.)

In its sixth year of celebrating play by the Bay, Come Out & Play SF continues the tradition of bringing new and innovative real-world games to San Francisco at the Festival Day and Family Day at Gray Area Art + Technology, 2665 Mission St, San Francisco.

Highlights include:

  • Marionette Soccer – Soccer, but with partners, hula hoops, and chaos
  • Rose Macbeth – A blindfolded knife fight in a graveyard, need we say more?
  • Family Day presented by Poppy Cat – games for kids of all ages, including Short Order, Poppy Cat Adventures, and more

> Full 2015 list of games

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Come Out and Play in the Park on Sunday | 2015 “Come Out & Play” Festival | SF

Join the second day of Come Out and Play Weekend on Saturday, December 2nd from 12pm-5pm at Victoria Manalo Draves Park, Folsom & 6th Street for a day full of fun outdoor games for kids and adults.

Venue Change Due to Rain – outdoor events scheduled for originally scheduled for Victoria Manalo Draves Park will now be played at SOMArts (934 Brannan Street near 8th St) or at Gene Friend Recreation Center (270 6th St. near Folsom).

RSVP to skip the lines.


    Games on Sunday, December 2nd at SOMArts (934 Brannan St. between 8th and 9th):

        • 12-5pm: Exhibition Games (featuring various artists)
        • 12-2pm: ThirdPerson OuterBody Labyrinth (by OuterBody Experience Lab), a maze players navigate wearing video goggles to dislocate the sense of sight to a point high above.
        • 3-5pm: Propinquity (by Lynn Hughes, Bart Simon, Modern Nomads), a mixed-media game designed to evoke both dancing and fighting that uses full body interaction and the use of sound and game play mechanics to produce an intensely social and physical experience.
        • 12-4pm: Origami Fishing (by Emily Wong), a variation on the classic fishing game in which players make their own game pieces.
        • 12-5pm: Lemonopoly (by Chach Sikes, Anselm Hook and Booka Alon), an app based game that pits Bay Area cities against each other in the quest to create lemon access
        • 3-5pm: Kids vs. Parents (by Ian Fraser)
        • 3-5: Obtain the Briefcase (by Julian Hyde), a street game of running, chasing, hiding, subterfuge, and the fight to locate one crucial briefcase
        • 1-3: Pickpocket Junction (by Wise Guys Events), players loot while they commute, attempting to steal treasures from one another as they ride the train home

        Games on Sunday, December 2nd at the Gene Friend Recreation Center (270 6th St @ Folsom):

        • 12-2pm: Humans v. Mosquitoes (by Humans vs. Mosquitoes), a physical field game in which humans attempt to defeat mosquitoes by clearing out their breeding grounds, and mosquitoes attempt to defeat humans by depleting their blood supply
        • 1-3pm: Sloth Chase (by Albert Kong & Eric Rubin), a turn-based tag game of strategy and skill that slows players to a crawl as they navigate the cityscape.
        • 2pm: Broom Ships (by Jonathan McKeever)
        • 2-4pm: Pinkball (designed by Ian Fraser, run by Heather Browning), a cooperative variation on classic “ball and stick” games
        • 3-5pm: Hula Hoop Tag (by Playworks), a fresh take on the classic game of tag; meant for participants of all ages, it will get your heart
        • 3-5pm: Staccato (by Casey Lent, Ben Clarke, Reynaldo Vargas & Grant Reid), fast-paced, a two on two playground game in which the offense and defense face off to score points–but they can’t always move their feet!

Links: Event details

Cost: FREE*

*Free, but you should RSVP to skip the lines.


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