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1st Annual Science Crawl | Mission District

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Friday, November 4, 2011 - 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm | Cost: FREE*
*Most events should be free

The Mission | The Mission District, San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area Science Festival is presents the first ever Sci-Crawl, a coordinated takeover of venues throughout San Francisco’s Mission District, showcasing the science inherent in the neighborhood.

Geek it up at events including Beer Science, Science of Tattoos, Speed Dating for Nerds, and even sample Speakeasy’s special science festival brew at many crawl locations. It’s going to be a hella scientific night in the Mission!

  • When: Friday, November 4th, 6-9:30 PM
  • Where: San Francisco, Mission District

Nerd Speed Dating – Make Out Room 6-930PM
Nerds need love too! The goal of Nerd Speed Dating is to introduce like-minded nerds for a chance at romance (Or maybe you are just looking for someone to join you on your couch for the next season of Doctor Who). Drop in whenever for mini talks on dating and romance – at critical mass the speed dating will begin!

Chocolate & Beer – Gestalt Haus 6-7 PM
Brewers from Speakeasy and chocaltiers from TCHO will discuss their latest collaboration – Sutro’s Coffin Varnish Stout. Sutro was a prominent political figure in early San Francisco history and Coffin Varnish was another name for bootleg whiskey or moonshine. The beer is an oatmeal stout brewed with lactose (milk) for body/creaminess, with a late “dry-hopping” edition of Ecuadorian cacao nibs in collaboration with TCHO chocolate.

A Guided Tour of Natural Oddities – Paxton Gate 6-7 PM
Join an entomologist on a guided tour of all of the natural oddities hiding in plain sight across Paxton Gate.

Physics Circus – Atlas Cafe 6-7 PM
Come one, come all: the Physics Circus makes a special appearance this week. Join ringmaster Zeke Kossover in a wide array of physics demonstrations. Can you really break the bottom out of beer bottle just with your hand? Are personal hovercrafts the wave of the future? Ping pong balls instead of bullets? Is walking on glass as safe as physicists claim? These questions and more will be answered as Zeke and his crew will explain the physics behind the dazzling experiments. You may even be drafted into the show. After all, Zeke can’t sledgehammer a bed of nails into his chest by himself.

Shaky Ground in the Bay Area – Muddy Waters 6-7 PM
Take a Google Earth View of what would happen to the Bay Area when the next big one strikes! All Bay Area residents live on an active plate boundary, where earthquakes are frequent events. We know that earthquake faults in the Bay Area produce large earthquakes. We know large and damaging earthquake are certain to occur in the future. Learn how to reduce losses in future earthquakes.

Solar Bot Symphony – The Lab 7:15 PM
Build your own miniature solar animabots and hear them chirp and coo like birds and insects. This hands-on workshop, based on the SolarSoundModule by Ralf Schreiber, combines simple analogue circuits, piezo speakers, and tiny photovoltaic panels to create unique electronic organisms that come alive with light. Next, join workshop leader and SF-based Swiss sound artist Jorge Bachmann in a collective performance.

Science Ink – Black & Blue Tattoo 715-815 PM
Science writer Carl Zimmer will discuss his new book Science Ink, a compendium of the greatest science tattoos ever photographed.

Science of Orgasm – Good Vibrations 715-815
Dr. Carol Queen, resident Sexologist at Good Vibrations, will present the scientific research on human arousal and the orgasm. This interactive conversation will take you on a guided tour of the Good Vibrations store.

Previous Earthquakes and Preparing for the Next One! – Atlas Cafe 715-815 PM
How close to a fault do you live? The San Francisco Bay Area is sliced and diced by a series of faults that together accommodate the relative motion between the Pacific and North American plates. This interactive tour of San Francisco Bay Area faults and earthquake history features ground-shaking maps, historic photographs, quotes from earthquake survivors, and more.

Yoga & Meditation – YogaKula 745-930PM
Join yoga instructor Wataya in an hour long contemplative class followed by a scientific talk on the effect of mindfulness meditation on the brain with Dr, Philippe Goldin of Stanford.

Science of Science Fiction – Borderlands 715-815 PM
Dancing on the tightrope between “Science” and “fiction.” Real science doesn’t give us monsters, zombies or other undead monsters, and lab work usually doesn’t result in gunplay. How do near-future scifi authors toe the line between keeping the science real, and fudging it enough to tell an exciting story? Authors: Scott Sigler, Jeff Carlson, Mira Grant

Experiments in Beer – Zeitgeist 8:30-9:30 PM
Ninkasi head brewer Jaime Floyd showcases the many experimental brews on tap at Zeitgeist. Get ready for a history of beer

Event Details

Cost: FREE*
*Most events should be free


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