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SF Urban Letterboxing Meetup | SF Main Library

moorcitytitle[1]Urban Letterboxing is an updated version of an old English pastime. It combines the scavenger hunt, urban exploration, and crafting!

For more about Urban Letterboxing, see the Space Hijackers website: http://www.spacehijackers.co.uk/letterboxing/. Letterboxing.org, a more trafficked site, has hundreds of letterboxes, though they are mostly of the traditional “wilderness” type, and are hidden in parks or recreation areas.

At this meetup, we’ll have about 20 minutes of presentation – an introduction to urban letterboxing, some example sets of clues and stamps, and some good letterboxing stories.

Then we’ll all work on our own letterboxes! We’ll create our personal stamps, brainstorm ideas for places to lay letterboxes, carve stamps from erasers and fold logbooks!

Note: The meeting room has a limited capacity – RSVP to loyalretainer@yahoo.co.uk if you’d like to be sure of a chair and/or supplies.

Cost: FREE*
*If you'd like some letterboxing supplies, like erasers, exacto knives, and stamp pads, there will be a limited number available for a materials cost of about $3.


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