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Tanks-Giving Contest: Zimride

Thanks for entering Funcheap’s Tanks-Giving 2011 Free Tank of Gas Contest!
Zimride will notify you of the results of the contest by December 1, 2011

Got friends who might want to win?
Send them this link: https://sf.funcheap.com/free-tank-gas-tanksgiving-giveaway/
Deadline to enter: November 23, 2011 – 8pm
– Ten winners will be chosen and notified by Zimride no later than December 1, 2011.

Driving to LA?

Fill your open seats and make some extra money to help pay for gas.
Post a ride on zimride and get a $20 bonus when you sell your first seat.

Need a Ride to LA?

There’s lots of rides being offered from all over the Bay Area to Southern California
Find an open ride to LA here. Use code CHEAPFUN during checkout and get a $15 credit toward any ride.

Contest sponsor: Zimride
Zimride is a San Francisco based ridesharing service that connects drivers who have open seats in their cars and the passengers who need them. Drivers earn money by offering open seats, passengers save money buying them and both groups have fun meeting cool, new people while traveling to wherever they need to go.

Zimride is currently focused on the San Francisco to Los Angeles route and their open rides can be seen at zimride.com.