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Event Submission Guidelines

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Currently Funcheap only posts events in the San Francisco Bay Area. More cities coming soon.

Funcheap hand-picks and highlights our favorite fun and affordable events each week. We receive tons of submissions and unfortunately can’t list them all.

Although, there is no guaranteed way to get your event listed on Funcheap, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances!

Useful Tips for Getting Your Event Listed on Funcheap:

Tell Us What Is Unique About Your Event:
There should always be something special, different or unique about your event to help us excite our readers. Listing a comedy show? Tell us the headliners and their claim to fame. Live music? Give us the genre and the band’s backstory. Giving away free cupcakes? Have a pinata? Free admission for anyone named “Larry?” – whatever it is, let us know what’s unique and special about your event.

Submit Your Event Two Weeks in Advance:
We need time to review, factcheck and to post all of the information. Since we all have full-time jobs in addition to running funcheap, it’s best to give us at least two week’s notice prior to the event. It could take a week or more for us to actually get to your posting, so be patient. Last minute email submissions might still make it onto our list, but the chances are pretty slim.

Include ALL Relevant Event Details:
Make sure to send us all the details we need: like the event date, time, price, address, etc. We also require an official “event info” URL to direct our readers to that has all of the event details. If we have to waste our time hunting down missing information that should have been included in the submission in the first place it’s really a bit of a drag.

Only Send Us Events That Are Cheap or Free:
There is no set-in-stone definition of what we consider “cheap.” Sometimes it depends of the type of event. A $8 movie would not be considered cheap, but $8 for opera tickets probably would be. Your best chance to make it onto the list is to send us free or nearly free events. Of course, if you think your event is a fantastic deal even though it costs $20, still feel free to let us know. We might consider it “worth the splurge” and list it anyway.

Tell us about any giveaways you can offer.
Although each event listed on funcheapSF is selected purely on editorial merit — we don’t accept payment from event organizers — it’s always useful for us to know if you are able to offer free tickets or other deals or discounts for your event. If we choose to add your event to Funcheap list, someone will contact you to organize a giveaway.

What kind of events are listed on our site?
We list most free or cheap things to do like:

  • Free concerts in the park
  • Street fairs and festivals
  • Beer/Wine tastings
  • Fashion shows
  • Museums / Art receptions
  • Lectures / Book readings
  • Plays
  • Comedy
  • Classes / workshops

What kind of events are NOT listed on our site?:
In most cases we will not list the following types of events:

  • Real estate seminars
  • Social gatherings
  • Dating events
  • Religious events
  • Self-help or self-improvement events
  • Open Mic nights
  • Happy hours (unless there is more than just happy hour and music)
  • Reading groups
  • Book signings (unless there is also an author reading)
  • Events emailed to us that are listed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Recurring events that do not meaningfully change from week to week
  • Ongoing art exhibits (unless it is an event with the artist in person or a reception)

We Rarely Post Ongoing Events
We don’t list every single event (even the free ones) and will rarely add repeated listings for regularly daily or weekly occurring events as they tend to drown out unique events.

This is a moderated list, meaning we pick and choose the best of the submissions for inclusion on our list. In some cases we may not choose to list a really good event if there are too many similar events around the same time. These aren’t hard-fast rules, but rather general guidelines. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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We’d like to thank the great flavorpill for their inspiration in crafting this submission page