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About FunCheap

Finding fun and cheap stuff to do in San Francisco and around the Bay Area.

Going out and having fun in San Francisco is just too expensive. That’s why we started FunCheap – A free website where cheap bastards like ourselves get together to share tips and recommend free and affordable upcoming events to one another.

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What is FunCheap.com? – A free web calendar & and emailing list of events in the Bay Area

FunCheap.com is a San Francisco-based website which features recommendations of upwards of 50 affordable, fun and unique Bay Area events each week. It was started as a yahoo group in 2003 by two poor, underemployed San Franciscans, Johnny and Shannon who were sick and tired of trolling through the Guardian, the Weekly, Craigslist, sfstation, citysearch and all those fliers on telephone poles on Haight street just to find out fun things to do that wouldn’t cost us too much. So we put together a list for ourselves and our friends. 10,000 people later, we figured we were on to something!

FunCheap is free for both promoters and for people looking for fun stuff to do.

About FunCheap

Johnny & Shannon, Founders of FunCheap

Why are you doing this? How do you make money?:

Johnny and Shannon (pictured) both have full-time boring day jobs, and are running the FunCheap site as a labor of love. As the site doesn’t come anywhere close to turning a profit, we do try to offset our costs (servers, domains, postage, etc…) by allowing certain events and venues to sponsor our website and our emails with an ad or two.

But we have to actually like the event first and don’t accept everyone who wants to advertise. We’re sure you can understand our need to generate a little bit of income to help cover the costs which we pay out of pocket.

Funcheap’s Weekly Email: The best cheap and free events in the next 10 days:

Our online calendar lists a ton of great events. About once a week, we send out an email (only to those who opt-in to receive our weekly email) with the highlights of the week. We also have tons of giveaways that you can only find out about through our weekly giveaway emails. This is your chance to win concert tickets venues like Café Du Nord, Great American Music Hall and Shoreline Amphitheater, Movie passes, theater tickets, museum tickets to the Asian Art Museum and the California Academy of Sciences, as well as lots of tickets for quirky little events by local artists we like.

We respect your privacy:

We hate spam and we won’t clog your inbox. If you like, you can sign up for our emails (every email from us comes with an easy and instant way to stop further emails) or you can simply view events on our online calendar. We don’t care! Whatever you want. This was set up by just a couple of underemployed San Franciscans who want to share their list with you.

Who is behind FunCheap.com?

We get events from a ton of sources, including lots of submissions from funcheap members. Here’s who helps moderate our list:

Johnny is a graphic designer who loves concerts, especially indie-pop and electronica. he’s a big fan of book readings, all the street fairs and festivals, and loves free movies in the park.

Shannon works helping restore and preserve old buildings. She loves art and museums. She knows where all the best trunk and fashion shows are. She also has a keen eye for finding out whenever bars have free alcohol & wine tastings.

Kendog is a bartender in the city who knows all the best happy hours. He loves finding great local comedians just before they become famous.