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420 in the Park

It’s not really legal, but 420 rules the day at Golden Gate Park on Wednesday
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Photo: Toke of the Town via SF WeeklyLet’s file this one under “unofficial.”

There’s no permits issued; it’s not really legal, but usually the city tends to turn a blind eye when thousands turn up on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park on April 20th each year for a giant smoke out.  Let’s just pray that’s there’s no federal bust up.

Will there be a crackdown in 2016?
In 2015, there were five arrests (“”one for assault with a deadly weapon for hitting someone on the head with a bottle, two more for outstanding warrants, and two for intoxication.”). Marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government, so be ready for anything.

How to stay on the good side of the cops? Don’t bring in any glass bottles, coolers, don’t amplify your sound too early and don’t be a dick – just come and be cool and mellow and the cops in the past have generally just formed a perimeter and have let people be.

>> Take your trash home – Seriously, don’t be a stoned jerk and leave garbage behind. Join the 420 Clean-up Awareness Facebook group.

420 in the Park
April 20, 2016 | 10:30 am-ish to dusk; peak is 4:20 pm
Hippie Hill, San Francisco

The unofficial time line of 420 day
An example of the typical rundown from tokeofthetown.com – things may change from year to year, especially if 4/20 falls midweek.

  • 10:30 am – The “unofficial” vendors usually begin to arrive
  • 1 pm – The crowds start to get a bit thick as does the haze of smoke over the crowd
  • 3 pm – It’s now wall-to-wall stoners
  • 4:20 pm – It’s go time: crowd is at their peak, drum beats get more frenzied, and hippie girls twirl faster as 4:20 approaches

Source: tokeofthetown.com