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BART is Giving Away 25,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets (If You Act Now)

Want a free round-trip BART ticket good any Saturday or Sunday? It’s yours for free, if you act now.
By - posted 5/19/2022 No Comment

BART ridership is slowly coming back to normal, so BART is trying to get casual weekend riders back on the train on the weekends, so they’re offering a pretty awesome deal, 25,000 free round-trip tickets – good any Saturday or Sunday through December 26, 2022.

But you’ll have to act quickly and sign up. It’s only for the first 25,000 people and once they are gone they are gone. Either way, the giveaway ends June 5th. The promotion apparently started on May 5, but we only noticed this today so wanted to let you know as soon as possible so you could hop to it.

The tickets are only valid for people who live in California, and please note it takes 6-8 weeks for them to mail you the free pass.

And don’t forget, BART still requires masks through at least July 18, 2022 unless the rule is extended by the BART board.

How to get free round-trip BART weekend Pass

  1. Visit bartable.bart.gov/featured/free-bart-weekend-ticket-offer
  2. Fill out the form (sign up for the optional BARTable newsletter – it’s a great weekly read)
  3. Wait 6-8 weeks for the free ticket

Tickets are while supplies last. We already signed up for ours, so there’s no more than 24,999 left. Good luck!