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Bay Area’s Dangerous I-680 Mountain Shortcut Closed for Good

Google Maps sent hundreds of daily commuters down a tiny mountain road. Fremont finally says, “enough.’
By - posted 12/10/2020 No Comment

Thanks to KPIX for letting us know that Morrison Canyon Road, a narrow street that turned into a dangerous commuter shortcut for traffic looking to bypass the I-680 has been permanently closed to cars.

After a two-year temporary trial, last week the Fremont City Council voted unanimously to imposed a permanent vehicle traffic from the road which looks like a tiny walking path, but was actually a two-way city street.

This created problems for hikers and bikers especially during peak commuting times to eastbound traffic on the I-680 from 3-7pm.

KPIX reports that the increased car traffic began when GPS apps started directing cars to the road as a shortcut for I-680. At its peak, there were hundreds of daily commuters driving down the narrow road.

The road will now only be open to pedestrians and bicyclists.