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Check Out SFO’s Awesome Brand New Mural

The SF Arts Commission unveils “When Pink Elephants Fly” in early June
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Terminal 1 at SFO is under construction, so the airport is trying to bring you a little joy so you don’t notice their mess.

Starting in early June, travelers passing through San Francisco International Airport’s temporary Terminal 1 will have the opportunity to see acclaimed local artist Jason Jägel transform a blank wall into a work of art.

Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, When Pink Elephants Fly is a colorful mural that explores the humor and humanity in modern air travel.

When completed, the mural will occupy a 41’W by 25’H expanse located near the security entrance to Terminal 1 (pre-security) The core of the mural’s design is a patterned arrangement of colored shapes.

According to the artist, his intention is for the mural to stimulate the senses with an energetic composition that emphasizes color relativity using subtle mixtures of light and dark, saturated and unsaturated hues in a rhythmic and exuberant combination.

The design includes a diverse cast of characters, human and non, arranged to reflect the multi-directional movement of airport travelers and to invite broad opportunity for curiosity and identification.