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PG&E Is About to Send You a $62.91 Credit

All residential customers receive a “California Climate Credit in April
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No work for mommies and daddies, no school for kids means everyone’s at home consuming a lot of electricity… watching TV, surfing the internet, playing video games…

Thanks to KRON4 for sharing us this good news that all residential customers will receive the state-mandated California Climate Credit on their bills during the April billing cycle from PG&E. They want to help out their customers who might face financial difficulty, job loss, and and other economic impacts.

How the $62.91 Climate Credit Works

  • PG&E residential customers both natural gas and electric service will receive a total credit on the April bill of $62.91.
  • Natural gas-only customers will receive $27.18.
  • Electric-only customers  will receive $35.73.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need more time paying your bills, you can visit pge.com/helpmepay for options.

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