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Sorry… SF’s Pop-Up “Floating Cinema” is Probably Fake

Outdoor movie night on the Bay in boats? Sounds cool! Too bad it’s probably B.S.
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Last month we wrote about an amazing-sounding outdoor movie event that was scheduled to come to the San Francisco Bay from September 2-6 – a socially-distant floating movie night on boats.

Unfortunately, according to some digging done by SF Weekly and the Orlando Weekly, this event is likely completely fake. 

At the moment there’s no way to know for sure, but we also haven’t heard from anyone who RSVPd who has actually heard back from the company. So although it’s possible this event is legit, don’t hold your breath. We’ve updated our previous listing to denote the fact that it’s likely a bunch of B.S.

If you’re curious, check out the event website – but RSVP at your own risk.

Read more at SF Weekly


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