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Int’l “Go Toppless” Day Celebration

An alien-loving cult (seriously) is pushing for topless freedom in San Francisco
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Have some fun in the sun while demonstrating gender inequality and body positivity for International “Go Topless” Day, a celebration and protest demanding equal topless rights for all started by a hedonistic UFO religious group called the Raelians. Because really, why is it okay for men, but not for women to be topless wherever and whenever?

2016 International Go Topless Day
Sunday, August 28, 2016 | Noon to 4 pm
Union Square (corner of Post and Powell), San Francisco

This event will be top optional. Yes indeed… there will be boobs. Do you dare to go bare? Surprisingly, even with the nudity ban in place, it is not considered indecent exposure to be top-free in the state of California. It is not illegal to be top-free in San Francisco, but you must cover genitals and the anus because that is currently illegal. Do not allow law enforcement to bully you.

What to bring: Bring protest signs, sunscreen, blankets, towels, water, snacks, paint, and your beautiful mind and body

*EVENT WARNING* – In past years we’ve been told by the SF Park & Rec Department that this event is unpermitted and likely to be cancelled without notice. So please be aware before you head out that there may be nothing to see, no event and could just end up being a waste of your time.

Who are the Raelians? They may be a little insane and want to build an alien landing pad (true story), but they have also built Africa’s first clitoral restoration hospital in Burkina Faso offering surgery to victims of female genital mutilation. As far as crazy religious cults go, these people are actually doing something tangible and positive for the world.