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Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

Daredevils on giant plastic tricycles race down one of SF’s steepest hills on Easter Sunday | Sun 4/8, 4p
By - posted 4/7/2012

Yes, officially announced for 2012!

Watch dozens of contestants at Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2012 (BYOBW) risk humiliation and serious injury racing their big wheels (those giant plastic tricycles from when we were kids – no rubber wheels allowed) down the streets of Potrero Hill on Easter Sunday all for glory and hand-made trophies.

  • This is the perfect way to spend your Easter in between the Hunky Jesus contest at Dolores Park and your inevitable trip to the emergency room.

12th Annual “Bring Your Own Big Wheel” Race 
Sunday, April 8, 2012 – 4pm
Vermont and 20th, Potrero Hill, SF
– Free to watch
– Free to participate  [download waiver]
Donations accepted to cover event permit & porta potty costs

3pm – Registration Opens
4pm – Ceremonial Kids Lap (for littttle kids) and then Adults full-on crazy race

>> The Fuzz is in Full Force: Please be aware that the police will be on hand checking IDs to put the kaibosh on underage drinking.

Need a Big Wheel for the race?
$84.99 for orange/yellow (classic) – ebay
We didn’t see any for sale on craigslist, so we recommend trying the thrift stores – Goodwill, Thrift Town, etc…

Photo credit: Tony McClure


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