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Where to Catch the Hello Kitty Truck Around the Bay

You can now literally binge on Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is coming to San Francisco.

In the past, the truck has sold Hello Kitty cakes, donuts, macarons and other sweets, and of course Hello Kitty swag like water bottles. The truck attracted huge crowds last year, so here’s your next chance to go ga-ga for Hello Kitty.

We don’t know the exact menu items for sale in 2017, but here’s what they featured in 2016:

  • Macarons (set of 5, rainbow colored w/ Hello Kitty bow)
  • Petite mini-cakes (set of 4, decorated with Hello Kitty)
  • Hello Kitty doughnuts
  • Cookie Box Set (set of 3)
  • T-Shirts & Mugs
  • Custom bow-shaped water bottle

Please note all items are available while supplies last, so arrive early.

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