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14th Annual “No Pants” BART Ride Day

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Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Cost: FREE*
*Free, but BART fare is required


14th Annual No Pants BART Ride DayDrop your pants for the 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride which will take place on Sunday, January 11, 2015 in San Francisco.

The whole point is for 600+ people to ride BART (and then Muni) without any pants (wearing interesting undies and colorful socks) and to keep a straight face and act completely normal.

The event which takes place in over 15 countries around the world is hosted by prank collective Improv Everywhere.

2015 No Pants BART Ride Day
Sunday, January 11, 2015 | Typically 1-4 pm
FREE (but BART fare is required)
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14th Annual No Pants BART Ride Day

Bring: Backpack and clipper card or money for BART/Muni
Wear: Normal clothes on top (no nudity… wear colorful or fun undies)
How to Act: Just act completely normal; just pretend you’re going about your day… just not wearing any pants. You do not know any of the other pantless riders. If questioned, tell folks that you “forgot to wear pants” and yes, you are “a little cold.” Insist that it is a coincidence that others also forgot their pants. Be nice and friendly and normal.

2015 Train Meetup Schedule
Check Facebook or follow @NOpantsSF on Twitter on the day of the event for last minute updates and exact schedules and meeting points. Please be advised that details and times may change at the last minute.

Participants will board the BART train WITH NO PANTS and with an intended first destination of the Yerba Buena Gardens at about 2:15pm.

Since there are only a handful of stops in downtown SF we encourage participants to board (Pants-less) somewhere out of the city and ride to one of the designated stops and exit there. This process is completely up to you, just make sure you make it to Yerba Buena @2:15pm.

I have laid out a guide that can help you decide which train to take, just remember to take off your pants before you board the train to downtown SF.

After we get to Yerba Buena, be patient as participants who missed their first train could still be arriving. Once most of us are there we will address the group, probably take a few pictures, and instruct further from there. ~2:30pm

There are many paths you can take after our first destination, and we encourage you to take as many kinds of public transit as you can.

After we address the group we will all disembark to THE MISSION. Bar hopping, burrito eating, #NoPantSelfie, and debauchery will ensue; all pants-less. We will (depending on the turnout) divide into a few groups and take various forms of MUNI/BART to get there. Twitter updates can help if you want to find the crowd.

This year we have an exciting activity we are adding on to the final destination. This is completely optional, but highly recommended. We’ll be handing out flyers/talking about this when we meet in Yerba Buena.


  • 1:00pm-1:50pm BOARD YOUR DESIRED TRAIN
  • 1:58pm Millbrae Train arrives at Montgomery
  • 2:06pm Daly City Train arrives at Powell
  • 2:09pm Dublin Train arrives at Powell
  • 2:13pm Pittsburg Bay Point Train arrives at Montgomery
  • 2:15-2:25pm Gathering in Yerba Buena Gardens
  • 2:25-2:35 Instructions for the journey to the MISSION

Links: Event details

Cost: FREE*

*Free, but BART fare is required


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