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15th Annual “No Pants” BART Ride Day

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Sunday, January 10, 2016 - 2:00 pm | Cost: FREE*
*Free, but BART fare is required

BART | All over the Bay Area

15th Annual No Pants BART Ride Day

Drop your pants for the 15th Annual No Pants Subway Ride which will take place on Sunday, January 10, 2016 in San Francisco.

The whole point is for 600+ people to ride BART (and then Muni) without any pants (wearing interesting undies and colorful socks) and to keep a straight face and act completely normal.

The event which takes place in over 15 countries around the world is hosted by prank collective Improv Everywhere.

15th Annual No Pants BART Ride Day2016 No Pants BART Ride Day
Sunday, January 10, 2016 | 2 pm sharp!
(After Party to begin at Mayes around 3:30 PM)
Where: Two meeting points across the bay
FREE (but BART fare is required)
RSVP on Facebook

Requirements for Participation:
1) Willing to take pants off on subway
2) Able to keep a straight face about it

Bring: A backpack/bag and a clipper card
Wear: Normal sf winter clothes (we have no idea.) without pants
Twitter: Use #NPSR and mention @nopantssf
After The ride: We’re throwing an afterparty at Mayes!https://www.facebook.com/events/1500964113544108/

Complete 2016 Logistics

There are two meeting points this year. Take your pick.

  • West Bay (Our main meetup spot): Meet Downstairs (inside) at Daly City Station > Map
  • East Bay: Meet Downstairs at (inside) Berkley Station > Map

Everyone should meet at their chosen meeting point at 2 PM. Feel free to be early. If you don’t catch the group, just ride around until you spot a group and quietly join them, trying be at the front steps of city hall by 3pm

At the meeting points, participants will be organized into groups and assigned a specific train car. Once everyone is divided up we will all head to nearby subway station[s]. Do not talk to others once you enter the subway system. No one knows each other.

Sit/stand in the car as you normally would. Read a magazine or whatever you would normally do. Your team leader will have already divided you into smaller groups, assigning your group a specific stop where you will depants.

As soon as the doors shut at the stop before yours, stand up and take your pants off and put them in your backpack. If you’d like to use a briefcase, purse, grocery bag, or whatever instead of a backpack that’s fine too. If anyone asks you why you’ve removed your pants, tell them that they were “getting uncomfortable” (or something along those lines.)

Exit the train at your assigned stop and stand on the platform, pantless. You will wait on the platform for the next train to arrive. Stay in the exact same place on the platform so you enter the next train in the same car as you exited the last train.

When you enter, act as you normally would. You do not know any of the other pantless riders. If questioned, tell folks that you “forgot to wear pants” and yes you are “a little cold.” Insist that it is a coincidence that others also forgot their pants. Be nice and friendly and normal.

Remember: Taking photos is not keeping a straight face. Enjoy the experience and resist the urge to document. Take those Instagram shots when the ride is over.

All transit routes will converge on Civic Center. Your exact route will be explained at the meeting point, and may involve a transfer/turnaround.
You can wear fun underwear if you like, but nothing that screams out, “I wore this because I’m doing a silly stunt.” Wear two pairs of underwear if it makes you feel more comfortable. Don’t wear a thong or anything else that might offend people. Our aim is to make people laugh, not piss them off. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read about previous No Pants Subway Rides.

This is always a blast, and we look forward to seeing you there. You may bring along friends if you like, but make sure they get a chance to read all of these instructions.

The Official No Pants Subway Ride 2016 Afterparty
After your ride with 1,000 of your closest nearly nude friends, join us at Mayes for the 5th annual No Pants Subway Ride After Party!
Shake your pantied booty to SF’s awesomeist DJs..

  • Location: 1233 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Reasonably priced drink specials, delicious food will be available for sale A large portion of the proceeds are going to go to charity
  • Pantsless dress code, 21+ w/ ID
  • > RSVP (Optional but appreciated)

Other No Pants Specials from around the City:

590 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Deal: $5 fries and a beer

Baby Blues BBQ
3149 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Deal: Discounts on beer and food to those without pants, and a portion of your bill goes to feeding the homeless

The Black Horse London
1514 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Deal: $1 off beers. Get cozy without your pants on in the smallest bar in the city.

Be aware that by participating, you recognize that Improv Everywhere / the organizers of SF no pants subway ride is not liable in the event you are injured, arrested, or worse. By choosing to participate you are still responsible for your actions. Overall, don’t make this event like santa-con, be excellent to each other.

Links: Event details

Cost: FREE*

*Free, but BART fare is required


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