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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), gives residents of the state of California the right to prevent businesses from selling their personal information. This right is subject to certain exemptions. For example, it does not apply to information that we share with certain third-party service providers so that they can perform business functions for us or on our behalf.

Funcheap Does Not Sell Your Personal Information

Funcheap takes your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your personal information. The only time your information may be transferred to a third party would be in the case where you purchased or booked tickets and we needed to provide limited information in order to facilitate the purchase, or if you won tickets/prize as part of a sweepstakes and we needed to provide limited information in order to facilitate the winner(s) to be chosen and for the tickets/prize to be fulfilled. We may also provide links to third party website which run their own sweepstakes. On rare occasions, a third party will run a sweepstakes form on Funcheap and will collect entries, but this is only in cases where it is clearly denoted that the sweepstakes information is being shared with the third party.

However, we support the CCPA by allowing California residents to opt out of any future sale of their personal information.

How To Opt Out

If you are a California resident and would like to opt out of the sale of your personal information, or to exercise the other rights provided by the CCPA, such as the right to access or delete your personal information, you or your authorized agent or representative may email us at events_crew (at) funcheap (dot) com with CCPA PRIVACY REQUEST in the subject line or contact us via postal mail at the following address:

Funcheap LLC
Attn: Privacy Requests
2264 15th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

(Except as otherwise required by law, requests pertaining to children under 18 should be submitted by a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult representative.)

Special note regarding sweepstakes and contests: While the CCPA prevents websites from treating those who opt-out differently, please note that by opting out, it may affect Funcheap’s ability to legally store your information with regard to sweepstakes and contest entries and, therefore you may end up being ineligible and unable to be chosen as a winner.

As with the right to opt out, the other rights provided by the CCPA are subject to certain exemptions, exceptions, and restrictions provided by the applicable statutes and/or associated regulations issued by California’s Office of the Attorney General. Applicable law and/or regulations may stipulate the maximum time allowed for acknowledging and/or responding to your request. There is no charge for for making a request.

To learn what personal information Funcheap collects and how we use it, visit the Funcheap Privacy Policy page.