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1,000 Bodies Project

Can you bare it all? Be one of 1,000 subjects of a unique naked art project.
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Ever wanted to bare it all? 

The 1000BodiesProject is a nude art photo project based in Norway where you get to be both the subject and the one pushing the button.

That’s right, strip down in an empty studio (so no one is watching and to keep it from being creepy) wear a mask if you wish and push the button on the remote trigger.

>> Please note the event date has changed and is now November 17, 2012 instead of November 14th.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 (1-5p)
Blue Sky Studios, 2325 3rd Street #434, San Francisco

There are simple rules governing, that together make this a unique art project:

  1. You are alone in the studio when the picture is taken, and you take it yourself with a remote trigger.
  2. You can wear no clothes, but you will be given a mask to be used as you wish.
  3. You pose however you feel like. There will be no mirror – you take the photo when you feel comfortable.
  4. You have 1 – one – shot.

All genders, ages, skin colors, body types, professions and creeds are welcome.

1000BodiesProject says:
Whether you’re an experienced nude model, or have never been naked in your life, whether you’re a policeman, real estate agent, kindergarden teacher, retired, student, lawyer, office clerk, old, young, fat, skinny, lacking an arm or leg, covered in tattoos or piercings, male or female, exhibitionist or the most shy person in the world, you can participate in this project. Everybody is wanted.

It takes 10 minutes, you take the photo yourself, it’s free of charge, and it’s fun.

The project will result in an exhibition and a photo book.

No registration is required. It is, however, appreciated. Register at www.1000bodiesproject.com