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San Francisco City Hall Lights Up For Pride

Capture San Francisco City Hall at its most festive with beautiful rainbow lights in honor of Pride
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Every year, city hall turns its lights rainbow colors in honor of Pride. It’s a great photo opportunity for you to capture San Francisco at its most festive.

Pride Lighting Schedule:

  • June 18-22 – Rainbow – Pride
  • June 23 – Blue/Pink/White – Transgender Flag
  • June 24-25 – Rainbow – Pride

Please note that occasionally City Hall may swap out the light colors due to a special event that takes place during the week, so be aware that every night may not be rainbow.

San Francisco City Hall Lights up for Pride: Rainbow Lights & Flags
June 18-25, 2017 | After sunset
San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Pl., SF