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Alameda County May Pay You $1,250 to Stay Home

New $10 million pilot program passed to pay people with COVID-19 in five Alameda County neighborhoods to stay home
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Thanks to ABC7 for letting us know that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a pilot program that will pay certain people infected with COVID-19 people a one-time stipend of $1,250 to stay home.

There is $10 million earmarked for the program, which will help those living in the five neighborhoods of Alameda County with the highest rates of COVID-19 which include Acorn, East Oakland, Fruitvale, South Hayward, Ashland and Cherryland.

Full details and a start date has not yet been announced, but not everyone will qualify for this pilot program. People must be COIVD-19 positive, referred by an approved neighborhood clinic and can’t be eligible for unemployment.

Read more at ABC 7

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