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The Bay’s Brand New 45-Acre Shoreline Park Opens

Walk the new 600 ft observation pier built upon old Bay Bridge pilings
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After decades of regional cooperation and planning, the Bay Area has a new shoreline destination opening for the public to enjoy. The new shoreline park is located at the eastern touchdown of the Bay Bridge and provides spectacular views of the entire bay and new eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

The new park includes a massive 600-foot long by 40-foot wide public observation pier built atop six remaining piles from the old Bay Bridge; a 24,000-square foot 1930s-era electric train maintenance building (known as the Bridge Yard) renovated to host large concerts, community events, and public concessions; and visitor amenities, including bathrooms, walking paths, interpretive panels, and connection to the Bay Bridge Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail that crosses to Treasure Island.

Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline Park
210 Burma Road, Oakland
Officially opens to public October 21, 2020
Park Map (pdf) | Trail MapLearn More

  • The observation pier will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Bike parking is available adjacent to the pier.
  • The Bridge Yard Building parking lot currently provides direct access to the pedestrian/bike path to the Bay Bridge.

What’s Next? With the park now open, the Park District is working with the National Park Service to acquire the last remaining Oakland Army Depot parcel (20 acres) through a public benefit conveyance.

The new park is expected to be a popular tourist destination with sweeping views of the bay and easy access to Bay Bridge Trail, lending to its prominence as “Gateway to the East Bay” due to its visibility to eastbound Bay Bridge drivers.

The Park District and community celebrated new park’s opening with a live virtual dedication event on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. The new observation pier opened to the public following the virtual dedication. The event will also include the signing of an agreement between the East Bay Regional Park District and Bay Area Toll Authority regarding the ongoing operations and maintenance of the observation pier.