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The 22 Fillmore Is About to Get Some Big Changes

Muni is re-routing the 22 Fillmore to serve Mission Bay, plus new transit islands, new bus stops and ADA access
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The first phase of SFMTA’s 16th Street Improvement Project from Potrero to 3rd Street is nearly complete. And soon, the 22 Fillmore will have a brand new route, going to Mission Bay instead of Dogpatch.

This means new signalized intersections, new transit islands and transit bulbs for safer and more efficient bus boarding, new pedestrian bulbs to reduce the crossing distance, new ADA ramps at each intersection, new street lights to illuminate the streets, 50 new native trees along 16th street, curb-to curb paving, and new sewer and water pipes.

Completion of construction of this phase also means that Muni is one step closer to rerouting 22 Fillmore to serve Mission Bay, traveling east on 16th Street to 3rd Street to utilize the full transit lane and serve Mission Bay medical centers, retail and residences. The timeline for the move is planned for fall of 2020.

Project Scope and Construction Timeline

Project Objectives:

  • Improve reliability and travel time of the 22 Fillmore for the 18,000 daily riders by nearly 25% in the project area
  • Improve safety on 16th Street for people walking, bicycling, and driving
  • Improve bike route from Mission to Mission Bay
  • Upgrade aging sewer infrastructure, with the addition of water infrastructure improvements for Phase 1 east of Potrero Avenue
  • Facilitate zero-emission transit service to connect the Mission Bay neighborhood to the Mission

The 22 Fillmore typically serves 18,000 daily riders, traveling at less than four miles per hour on parts of 16th Street. In an effort to improve transit reliability and travel times by nearly 25% while addressing safety and accessibility, the 16th Street Improvement Project installed new transit amenities such as new transit islands and transit bulbs that support faster and safer boarding.

New traffic signals were installed at Utah, San Bruno, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Missouri streets, in addition to three new traffic signals on 17th Street, that help improve traffic flow and also make it safer for people to cross 16th Street.

Soon the transit lane will be painted red and bus shelters will be installed at the new transit boarding islands prior to the 22 Fillmore serving those stops this fall. In addition, completed work includes installation of new sewer and water infrastructure updating an outdated system that now better supports those living and working along 16th Street.

Coming in 2021: 16th Street from Church Street to Potrero Avenue

In addition to the eastern section of 16th Street, the west side of 16th Street from Church to Potrero will also undergo construction, including upgrading the sewer line and installing transit amenities like transit bulbs to support more reliable 22 Fillmore service in the Mission. The second phase of the project from Church to Potrero will be delivered through a separate construction project and is anticipated to begin work in early 2021.