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Bi-Rite One of 2016’s Best Small Companies in America

Lines for Bi-Rite may soon be growing longer.
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Just when you thought the line for Bi-Rite ice cream couldn’t get any longer… our favorite little San Francisco grocery store was named one of the Forbes’ 25 best small companies in America. Thanks, Forbes, like we didn’t know that already.

Bi-Rite Grocery and Creamery was founded in 1940, but it’s only been since 1997 that the company started focusing on its true destiny – selling us everything local and sustainable (and lovingly overpriced). And that’s the Bi-Rite we know today – with 300 employees and revenue of a staggering $44 million.

Slap a “LOCALLY GROWN” sticker on anything in SF and people line up around the block. And now that I live around the corner from their Divisadero location, that means I’m DANGEROUSLY close to spending my entire paycheck in one visit. ($4.99/lb for blood oranges, anyone?)

Their original ice cream flavors are so well-known even local brewers have used them to make their own special beers during SF Beer Week. Now I can enjoy that Ricanelas ice cream flavor in multiple courses of my meal! And if you hadn’t heard of Ricanelas before reading this, your San Francisco street cred might be seriously questioned.

We’re proud of our little grocery making this exciting list! So when you’re feeling extra gentrified, San Franciscans, choose Bi-Rite.

Source: 7×7, Forbes

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