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D*ck Pics: The Art Show

When you get 150+ unsolicited d*ck pics, what do you do? Throw an art show!
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You might remember reading about a hall of unsolicited d*ck pics last spring. Everyone from VICE to Playboy to Ms. Magazine took notice of their unconventional resistance to this lewd act of sexual harassment. So they’re taking the show on tour – and the first stop is San Francisco. It’s a night of art, shopping, charity, boozing, and d*cks. Lots and lots of d*cks.

I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics
Friday, June 9, 2017 | 7 pm
SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, SF
$15 early bird / $20 adv.

Curated by Activist/Artist/Feminist B*tch, Whitney Bell, this collection of 150+ unsolicited dick pics is accompanied by work from 30 rad artists, that will implore you to explore the female condition, harassment, and sexuality in the digital age.

You’ll see it’s not just a bunch of dick pics nailed to a wall. This immersive exhibition was designed by Whitney to replicate the environment where these unsolicited pictures are typically received — within the comfort of your own home.

Featured Artists: