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Dolores Park History Day

Celebrate the history of one of SF’s most beloved parks with an outdoor history fest on Saturday
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The “Love Dolores” initiative of the city’s Rec & Park Department and the Dolores Park Ambassadors are organizing a History Day. Come learn about the parks original inhabitants, the Ohlone people; hear stories of the 1906 and the Golden Fire Hydrant.

Dolores Park History Day
Saturday, May 26, 2018 | 2 to 6 PM
Presented at five stations throughout the park

Five History Stations
1. Ohlone People and the Early Spanish Mission
2. The Gold Rush and City expansion
3. 1906 Earthquake, Fire and Rebuilding
4. The New Dolores Park design and renovation
5. Love Dolores, citizen engagement to keep the park clean and safe

The Ambassadors will be there to represent the neighborhood, answer questions and explain historical events (as much as they can). We have assembled a number of great photographs, literature, and materials. Please let us know if you have any additional material about the history of our neighborhood.