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It’s Now Easier to Fight Parking Tickets in SF

You can now fight parking tickets online – We’ve finally entered the 21st century
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Parking in San Francisco suuuuucks. And that’s just the driving around looking for spaces, not even thinking about how much it costs.

Oh, and then there’s the tickets. 

Previously, it was kind of pain in the arse to fight parking tickets in San Francisco. You had to actually file a written protest (how very 20th century) and drop it off at the SFMTA Customer Center.

Starting November 20, 2014 you can now file your initial citation protests online at www.sfmta.com/protest – saving you a stamp and saving you the hassle of not knowing if your protest was even received.

You can also upload up to three supporting documents (like photos of obscured signs or a faded paint curb) and then you’ll get a confirmation of receipt.

Your chances of winning a citation protest haven’t changed, and it still takes about 6-8 weeks to get a result. But at least this makes things a little bit easier. At least until they build an app where you can fight the ticket right then and there. 

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Got a parking ticket you want to fight?
Visit the SFMTA Online Citation Protest Form

  1. Type in your citation number
  2. Upload any evidence (photos of faded paint curb, obscured signs, credit card receipt for meter payment, etc..)
  3. Wait 6-8 weeks.