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East Bay City Says “Nope” to Chick-Fil-A

Controversial fast food joint won’t be allowed to open in Castro Valley
By - posted 1/16/2021 No Comment

Chick-fil-A wanted to open a new location in the East Bay in Castro Valley but the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council and Alameda County rejected the proposal.

Thanks to SFGate for sharing the news and the council’s report that stated “With regard to the General Plan policies for Castro Valley’s Central Business District, the proposed fast food restaurant is not a cultural, entertainment, or art use that would be consistent with the intent and goal of the Regional Retail and Entertainment District.”

The proposed site at 2495 Castro Valley Blvd already has two fast food restaurants nearby, McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Traffic concerned the council while Chick-fil-A’s past anti-LGBTQ contributions had community members opposed.

Chick-fil-A fans in the East Bay can get their fix at other locations including Walnut Creek, Pleasanton and two locations in Fremont.

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