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How to Help Fire Victims: 30+ Ways to Donate & Volunteer

A list of 30+ worthy organizations, charities, farmers and wineries that need your help
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There are many ways to help the victims and firefighters affected by this year’s devastating fires.

Although it might feel good to drop off clothes, food and bottled water, it turns out in most cases this unfortunately isn’t very helpful – since after a few days much of the donated good become big piles that ends up going to landfill.

So instead, many organizations ask for help in other ways… mainly they request monetary donations.

How You Can Help / Where to Donate

Help in Other Ways / Volunteer

  • Help Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office identify suspect in theft of fire fighter’s wallet stolen while working on front lines
  • Offer your home on Airbnb for fire evacuees – This has been paused as of 8/25/20
  • Sign up to volunteer to help Vacaville farmers
    They’re not letting people into the area yet because there are still downed power lines, little fires and hot spots. So when it is safe, we will need you. So it may be next week or next month when we call you but we WILL need you

    • Any supplies you have that could help (tractor, chainsaws, generators)
    • Any transportation equipment you may have (trucks, animal trailers and what kind, etc.)
    • Any expertise you may have (fence repair, animal transportation, etc.)

Donate Directly to Vacaville Farmers

  • Samuels Ranch Sustainable – They lost all of their homes – 3 homes – an all out-buildings, and 70 sheep and 5 goats.
  • Joyful Ranch – houses/barns are now gone due to the fires
  • Zinger Ranch – lost their chicken coop and some animals. Their well was destroyed so they have no water or electricity for any of the animals
  • Clay’s Bees – Lost 73 of 81 bee boxes in Pleasants Valley in the fire.
  • Silent Stay Retreat Center – The Silent Stay Retreat Center burned down. You can make a tax-deductible donation to help them rebuild
  • Castle Rock Nigerians – loss of their home, farm and many of their animals from wild fires in CA
  • Lucky Ones Ranch – completely burned to the ground by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire
  • Roschen Ranch – lost their home, their barn, and two 5th wheels
  • Pleasants Valley Iris Farm – lost their home
  • La Borgata Winery & Distillery – lost their vineyard 2 weeks before harvest, their winery, their distillery, all of the equipment and inventory
  • Donate to “Sustainable Solano” to support Vacaville farmers – 100% of all donations received through Sustainable Solano through the end of September will go to help our Solano County farmers, ranchers and wine growers.

Find updated donation information at pleasantsvalleyagricultureassociation.com