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Cheap Lunches, Huge Leftovers

Craving cheap and tasty Chinese for lunch in San Francisco, but love leftovers even more?
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Craving cheap and tasty Chinese for lunch, but you love leftovers perhaps even more than anything?

Take the trek over to Chinatown to try Hunan Home’s Restaurant, and see why this Michelin Guide-recommended restaurant has been a neighborhood staple of Chinese-American cuisine since its opening in 1983.

Cheap & Tasty Chinese Lunch Feast
Hunan Home’s: An SF Chinatown staple that’s known for its generous, four-course lunch special that’ll fill you up with tofu and fried rice.e.

– By Sandra Song, FuncheapSF’s brand new bargain hunter & street food detective

Large Lunch Special Servings
Part of the reason they’re so popular is their stellar lunch special, where $7.95 to $9.95 gets you a four-course meal of your choice of either an eggroll or chicken salad, soup, a large, family-sized portion of your entrée of choice and dessert.

And you can’t go wrong with any of the appetizer options, from the well-spiced hot and sour soup to the vegetable eggroll surrounded by a crisp shell that shatters perfectly when bitten into.

Exceptional Entrees
Entrees are also tasty across the board with an almost overwhelming choice of everything from Americanized classics like Mongolian beef to taste bud-ticklers like the spicier, traditional-style mapo tofu, which means that there’s bound to be something to satisfy both the chicken feet fanatics and Panda Express-enthusiasts in your group.

Other favorites include their signature Hunan Home’s chicken and the Fujian fried rice (which probably has more MSG than all the other menu items combined) but has a loyal fanbase made up of people who crave their simple, well-seasoned take on this Chinese-American classic.

Finish Up With Something Sweet
Save some space in your stomach though for dessert, where you can choose between a fruit cup, a not-too-sweet mango pudding or green tea ice cream that comes as part of your lunch deal. All solid options, whatever your choice it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, which might be aching after all the salty goodness from their liberally-seasoned “secret sauce.”

So take advantage of a delicious lunch special from this Hunan hotspot and chow down on some cheap Chinese food that’ll leave you with enough leftovers of tofu, fried rice and chow fun to last you till Friday.

Hunan Home’s Restaurant
A Chinatown staple that’s known for its generous, four-course lunch special that’ll fill you up with tofu and fried rice. www.hunanhome.ypguides.net.

Where & When:
– San Francisco: 622 Jackson St. (Sunday-Thursday 11:30a-9:30p, Friday-Saturday 11:30a-10p)
– Los Altos: 4880 El Camino Real (Every Day 11:30a-9:30p)
Lunch Specials: Available Monday-Friday from 11:30a-2:30p.
Cost: Lunch specials range from $7.95 to $9.95
Bring your friends & family: The variety of dishes is almost overwhelming and almost all of them are worth at least tasting, so go with some friends and divvy up your dishes family-style to sample a bit of everything.