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Free Circus Festival

Union Square gets taken over by clowns and jugglers on Sunday
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The Picklewater Free Circus Festival returns to Union Square bringing their free circus to Bay Area families.

Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe is a collective of clowns not easy to forget. You could describe them as a combination of Charlie Chaplin, Saturday Night Live, and The Looney Toons. Their crazy characters and high level circus skills have been known to induce labor. No really, she laughed that hard.

Thomas Truman John is a world class juggler, clown, and street performer who has played at Hallidie Plaza and Union Square in the past. Thomas John is the creator of the Bay Area’s only Children’s Show for Adults. A blend of humor, skill, and wit that will leave you laughing and wondering if that was meant for adults or the kids. With explosive performances, built on juggling, clown, audience participation, and circus apparatus, Thomas John regularly entertains crowds at Pier 39, in his own production “The Red Suitcase Show” and most recently as the lead in Monkey King, a circus interpretation of Journey to the West directed by Cirque Du Soleil’s Jeff Raz.

Picklewater Free Circus Festival
Sunday, July 14, 2013 (2p)
Union Square, San Francisco