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Happy 83rd Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

The bridge opened on this day back in 1937 to 200,000 people walking across the bridge its first day.
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The Golden Gate Bridge was once called “the bridge that couldn’t be built,” today it is one the wonders of the world and an enduring icon of the Bay.

This magnificent span opened in May 1937 after a four-year struggle against relentless winds, fog, rock, and treacherous tides. It’s the country’s most iconic bridge that stretches across one of the world’s finest natural harbors.

San Franciscans celebrated the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge with Pedestrian Day on May 27, 1937. An estimated 200,000 people crossed the bridge by walking, pushing baby strollers and even roller skating the day before the bridge opened to cars.

On May 24, 1987, the bridge flattened (a bit) as 300,000 people got a rare chance to cross the 1.7-mile bridge on foot to celebrate the bridge’s 50th anniversary.

Learn more about one of the world’s most beautiful bridges through this video from the Smithsonian Channel.

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