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New Hidden Room Discovered at Winchester Mystery House

Just in time for Halloween a 161st room was just uncovered
By - posted 10/14/2016 No Comment

Seriously, what better month to find a new haunted room?

Just in time for the season of screams and scares, a long-lost room has been discovered in the all-time eerie Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.

The 161st Room

The new “room” is an attic space that had been boarded up and was found to house a pumping organ, a Victorian couch, and various paintings, among several items. It’s now the 161st room in the Mystery House. Yep, you heard me, 161st.

To brush up on your history, the ridiculously large landmark had been an ongoing project by Sarah Winchester until she passed away in 1922. Besides its massive size, the house is mostly known for its eccentric amenities including windows facing rooms, stairways going to nowhere, and 47 fireplaces — allegedly owing to Mrs. Winchester’s way of losing the evil spirits around the mansion.

In fact, the reason this 161st room was closed in 1906 was because she thought it was haunted after getting stuck in there after the earthquake.

If this weirdness has your attention and you’re looking for something to spook you a bit this Halloween season, go ahead and book a tour. You’ll either take some mystery out of the supernatural or get lost trying.