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Huge 177 lb. Bluefin Tuna Caught Near Half Moon Bay

Sushi anyone? Massive tuna rarely seen this close to shore caught by local fisherman in Bay Area
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Thanks to KRON4 and reporter Amy Larson for letting us know about a huge Pacific Blue Fin tuna that was recently caught just off the coast of Half Moon Bay – a rare occurrence since they are typically much further out in the open ocean.

Last week, fisherman Ronnie Clarke reeled in a massive bluefin tuna that was 67 inches long and weighed 177 pounds about 16 miles from Half Moon Bay, when typically the tuna are 30-50 miles from from the shore in the open sea.

“They are usually way out there, off the canyons. 30, 40, 50 miles,” said local fisherman Charlie Claycomb in an interview with KRON4. But this August, “They came right into Deep Reef, (10 miles from Pillar Point Harbor) and everybody was just shocked because it was so close.”

Although Pacific-wide populations are well below target levels, the NOAA says that U.S. wild-caught Pacific bluefin tuna is a “smart seafood choice” because it is sustainably managed under rebuilding measures that limit harvest by U.S. fishermen

While nowhere near the world record for a Pacific Bluefin Tuna (738 lbs. caught in 2012) this still appears to be a large haul for this close to shore and will make plenty of sushi for any social-distanced gathering.

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