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Transamerica Pyramid Shines Nightly at 8pm for Healthcare Workers

The iconic pyramid’s 6,000-watt crown jewel light will shine as a “Beacon of Hope” for the Bay Area.
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Thanks to Curbed SF for some enlightening news.

As a sign of hope for the region and solidarity with Bay Area healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Transamerica Pyramid will light its crown jewel daily. The 6,000-watt beacon, which sits atop the 853-foot tall Transamerica Pyramid, can be seen throughout the city as well as the East and North Bays when lit at night.

Each night at 8 pm, the crown jewel beacon will be lit to honor healthcare workers throughout the Bay Area who are performing vital work and battling to save the lives of Bay Area residents during the crisis,” says Elaine Chan, General Manager at JLL.

Suman Gera, Managing Director at Aegon Asset Management added, “We hope the beacon will give some inspiration and hope to the millions of residents who are hunkering down in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’ of infection here in the Bay Area.”