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Int’l “Wizard Staff” Day

Wacky night with beer & hermit crab racing | Monday
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Monday June 23, 2014 is International Wizard Staff Day. While preparing for your team’s hermit crab to race, stack your empty beer cans on top of one another and duct tape them together to form a wizard staff.

Hermit Crab Racing & Int’l Wizard Staff Day Party
Monday, June 23, 2014 – 9:00 pm
Bamboo Hut | 479 Broadway, SF
Free entry/play with an RSVP and drink purchase. $10 without an RSVP.

Create a staff of cans that is taller than your height and you get to wear a wizard hat for the night.You’re encouraged to bring a snuggie (aka: makeshift wizard cape) so that after you build your wizard staff, you can wonder around aimlessly chanting “You Shall Not Pass!” Duct tape is free.

Hermit Crab Racing

  • Doors open and signup starts at 9 pm – You must arrive by 9:30 pm to enter/play in the crab races
  • Everyone’s placed on a hermit crab racing team (to make it easy to meet people).
  • Teams choose a hermit crab at random and name it.
  • Crabs race in heats until a winner is declared. There will be prizes.
  • Play -or- just watch, drink cheap booze and be social.

Drink Special: 5 Beers for $10 from 9-10 pm
5 Beers for $15 from 10-11 pm
$4 Wells (House Spirits with a Mixer) from 11 pm-close.