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Meet LiLou… SFO’s Adorable Therapy Pig

“LiLou” joins the dog’s-only club of SFO’s “Wag Brigade”
By - posted 12/6/2016 No Comment

Back in 2013 SFO launched their “Wag Brigade” program filled with adorable (and petable) trained dogs to take through the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable, especially during the stress holiday travel season.

But it’s not just all dogs. SFO has added a little pig named LiLou to the program who can not only be petted, but also plays a toy piano and takes a bow after her performance.

LiLou’s SFO schedule is typically not published in advance, so you may have to settle on being a lucky traveler to enjoy SFO’s first ever therapy pig. You can follow Lilou on Instagram or check out this adorable photo from the SF SPCA.

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