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Meet SF’s New 35-Foot Tall Polar Bear

Made of junkyard car hoods & standing guard over the Ferry Building | Sept 12-15
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Long View Polar Bear” is a key public art event of the Global Climate Action Summit standing guard in front of SF’s Ferry Building.

This sculpture from Burning Man artist Don Kennell reaches 35 feet tall and is made out of car hoods salvaged from junkyards to make the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss. Learn More.

The Dedication for Long View is Friday, September 14, 2018 at 2:30 will be held on site at Harry Bridges Plaza

According to SF Gate, the sculpture will stand guard in front of the Ferry Building from September 12-15, 2018.

About Long View Polar Bear
The polar bear is an unlikely visitor to San Francisco made from materials transformed from another purpose. Manifesting forces of climate change, she is searching for allies. Taking the “Long View” is crucial to survival. Combining content and joy, we ask the viewer to develop a relationship with the animal. Polar bears help humans imagine a faraway place, a place most will never visit. They are uniquely positioned as ambassadors to bring the arctic into human awareness. Animals disappear to make room for our cars. Turning wrecked cars into monumental animals visually reverses this process and impacts the consciousness of the viewer.