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Secret Meth Lab Found in SF Hotel / COVID-19 Shelter

Police discover that “Safe shelter” hotel room in SoMa was instead housing a low-level meth lab.
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Thanks for KTVU letting us know that police discovered a low-level meth lab operating at a San Francisco hotel that was designated a “safe shelter” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A strong chemical odor was reported coming from an upper floor hotel room at the Civic Center Motor Inn at 9th and Harrison in SoMa on Saturday. After waiting for a hazmat team, police made two arrests.

The hotel is one of many businesses that San Francisco’s Shelter in Place program uses to provide rooms and meals for people who either need to be quarantined, are at risk for COVID-19, or are homeless.

Typically since March San Francisco Sheriff’s deputies have performed regular checks of all sites, but the checks ended on July 1st as the city prepared for the lifting of health restrictions and reopening and, it appears, the checks weren’t re-instituted.

Read the full story at KTVU

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