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The Naked Olympics

Yes, a nudist “competition” at Baker Beach in San Francisco
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San Franciscans will be hosting a fun day of Nude Beach Games.

Think of this like the Olympics… javelin throw, discus, wrestling, “crab walks” – but just with all of your dangly bits exposed) at Baker Beach at noon on Saturday, October 4, 2014.

Look for the Olympic torch and flame when you get to the beach. The games are open to the public to watch (yes, you can wear clothes if you’re a spectator). Afterward there will be a body painting competition, then a toast to nude people (and athletes) everywhere.

Want to compete? Registration starts at 11 am, and competition will start at noon in the following categories:

  • 100 Meter Run
  • 500 Meter Run
  • 50 Meter “crabwalk” race
  • 100 Meter paired “wheelbarrow” race
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Greco (Roman Wrestling)
  • Javelin Throw
  • Broad Jump
  • Discus (Frisbee)– distance event
  • Tug-of-War (if someone shows up with a suitable rope!)
  • Beach Volleyball

While San Franciscans generally love to be nude, this particular event aims to bring attention to the arrests that have recently taken place in Malaysia, after the “Malaysia Nudist Sports Games 2014” were held privately on a beach in one of the country’s national parks. The event attendees were threatened with 5 year prison sentences. Hence, the idea was born to call the games in San Francisco the “Malaysian Nude Beach Games.” They will keep the name until such time as the games can be held again in Malaysia without police harassment.

Check out this NSFW video of what to expect.

Please Note: The Malaysian Nude Beach Games are clothing optional to spectators. Athletes must be nude for their competition. Although this event is totally non-commercial, there will be some video and photographic images taken to be put on the Internet and possibly other media platforms.

Source: SF Weekly, SFist and The Bold Italic.