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Oakland Zoo at Risk of Closure

The Zoo is losing $1.3 million a month and may close for good if it doesn’t reopen soon.
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Thanks to the East Bay Citizen for letting us know that the Oakland Zoo says that it’s running out of money and at risk of closing down.

County officials have been working with the zoo to figure out a safe reopening plan (including closing indoor exhibits and rides) but the county has yet to approve the reopening.

The Zoo argues their business should be considered an “outdoor museum” which are allowed to be open as of June 19th. But they say the county says otherwise.

The Zoo spends about $1.3 million a month on payroll and upkeep. Typically they would earn about $2.5 million a month in ticket revenue. Since the Zoo is run by a non-profit, if it can’t maintain “financial solvency” the City of Oakland would then take over operations.

Read the full story at East Bay Citizen

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