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Oakland’s Secret Heart-Shaped Labyrinth Hidden in the Hills

Hike the Berkeley Hills to discover secret labyrinths and an extinct volcano
By - posted 2/16/2021 No Comment

Did you know about the secret labyrinths hidden in the Berkeley Hills?

In addition to an extinct volcano, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, also has several manmade rock labyrinths nestled in the foothills, near the former rock quarry.

The most frequented labyrinth in the park is the Mazzariello Labyrinth, which was created by artist Helena Mazzariello as a gift to the world. However, there’s another labyrinth that’s in the shape of a heart, well, sort of a squished heart.

The awesome photo of the labyrinth is by blogger Bonjour Becky who also shares her love of the East Bay park and directions to the labyrinth on her blog post. Read more.