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22 Photos of Ocean Beach That Will Make You Want to Surf – NOW!

Surfing Magazine finds the best waves for 36 hours in San Francisco.
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The folks at Surfing Magazine spent 36 hours surfing these awesome waves at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Their glorious photos capture the magnitude of these breaks which are the main reason surfers are addicted to the ocean.

Check out Surfing Magazine’s 22 awesome photos of Ocean Beach

There persists an underground surfing culture you wouldn’t expect in San Francisco. The Northern California culture doesn’t always scream “beach!” so I’m always surprised when I hear people saying they’re going to “chill” out on Ocean Beach, let alone go surfing. It’s always f*$king freezing on the west side of the city since it’s Karl the Fog’s main place of residence.

Even when the rest of the city starts to heat up by springtime, anywhere west of 25th Avenue it still feels like winter.

However, these surfers are a dedicated people. They’re out enjoying the waves even in the cold and wet of January, whereas I’m curled up in a ball of blankets in my bed. They’re not fair-weather fans, they’re crazy devoted and enthusiastic to their city getaway that allows them a break from the reality of everyday in the busy Silicon Valley.


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