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No Pants BART Day

Got a sweet pair of undies and crazy socks to wear during this annual traditional ride? | Sunday January 8th
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The 11th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 8, 2012 in San Francisco.

The whole point to is ride BART without any pants (wear interesting undies and colorful socks) but to act completely normal.

2012 No Pants BART Ride Day
Sunday, January 8, 2012 (1p-4p)
– FREE (but BART fare required)
– RSVP on Facebook

Exact meet up times and trains (for both East Bay and SF) will be posted as the date gets closer. In general, be prepared around 1pm to remove your pants at a station, act completely normal and head downtown.

> Follow @NOpantsSF on twitter the day of the event for last minute updates

2012 Route Update

Route 1 Last names A-M
Boarding times:
12:52–San Bruno
1:02 –Daly City
1:06 –Balboa Park
1:08 –Glen Park
1:11 –24th
1:13 –16th
1:15 –Civic Center
1:17 –Powell St.

Click for Guide Route 1

Remember to board the BART Pantless! Arrive at the Montgomery Pantless!
Head to the surface Pantless! and walk to Sansome & Market Street. Board MUNI #10 @ 1:40PM towards
Pacific Ave (North)
Get off @ Pacific Ave and walk towards LEVI’s park.
(North 5 Blocks on Sansome, East 1 Block on Filbert Street)
You will see a LEVI’s Plaza sign on the right
Hopefully we all will be there around 2PM

Route 2 Last names N-Z
Boarding times:
1:07 –SFO
1:12 –San Bruno
1:16 –SSF
1:19 –Colma
1:22 –Daly City
1:26 –Balboa Park
1:28 –Glen Park
1:31 –24th
1:33 –16th
1:35 –Civic
1:37 –Powell
1:38 –Montgomery

Click for Guide Route 2

Remember to board the BART Pantless! Arrive at the Embarcadero Pantless!
Head to the surface pantless! Walk to the muni station and board muni F NORTH @ 1:53PM.
Get off at Greenwich Street Station. Walk to Levi’s Park across the street.
We will all assemble in the park, the two groups should get there at about the same time.
Hopefully we will all be there around 2PM