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30,000+ SF City Workers to Stop Work at Noon for 8:46 to Honor George Floyd

The mayor has asked all city employees to stop work (if safe) to mourn the killing of George Floyd
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Mayor London Breed has asked all city employees (where it is safe to do so) to stop work for a full 8 minutes and 46 minutes at Noon on June 9th to mourn the killing of George Floyd.

Transport Workers Union Local 250A/Muni Operators is also participating and Muni will be stopping all buses during this time to honor George Floyd.

According to the Chronicle, as of 2016 there were 30,626 city employees in San Francisco

Dear City Employee:

On Tuesday, June 9th, funeral services will be held for George Floyd. His horrific murder has rippled across the world with peaceful protests and demonstrations occurring in every major city calling for much-needed change to a system that perpetuates the disproportionate policing and over incarceration of Black people in America.

Like so many black men before him, George Floyd was a son, a father, a brother and a friend to many before his life was cut short at the hands of law enforcement.

Tomorrow, all City employees (that are safely able to do so) can join me in briefly stopping their work for a full eight minutes and 46 seconds at 12:00 noon to mourn the killing of George Floyd. As you know, this is the same amount of time a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into Mr. Floyd’s neck, until he died.

Racism is a sickness that has devastated our country for far too long. It stems from a lack of recognition of the humanity, pain, and suffering that black people have experienced since the birth of this country, and it must be addressed.

Healing starts with acknowledgement. If we are to heal from the wounds that have cut our culture so deeply, we must acknowledge the pain caused by racism. By briefly pausing our work to reflect on the murder of George Floyd, we recognize not only the tragic loss of his life, but also the long history of racial injustice that runs through the veins of our society.

Tomorrow we honor the countless Black lives lost to violence and recommit ourselves to the fight for equity and justice.


London N. Breed