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SF Getting Rid of 1,000+ Parking Spaces in 2023

To help make it easier (and safer) for people to board Muni directly from the curb, the city will be getting rid of about 1,200 parking spaces.
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Thanks to ABC7 for letting us know that due to new SFMTA Bus Stop Guidelines that the city will be removing approximately 1,200 parking spaces to help make it easier and safer for people to board Muni buses, especially those with mobility issues.

The new guidelines, which were approved by the Board of Supervisors last Tuesday, require 20 feet of space from the front door of the bus, so any existing parking spaces that are too close to bus stops will be replaced with new red-painted curb

The focus will be on fixing 1,200 “flag stops” where passengers can’t board directly from the curb and have to step into the street before getting into the bus. This should give buses more room to pull closer to the curb.

The painting of the curbs is set to begin in 2023 and is planned to take 1-2 years to complete.

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